Most Expensive 'Colour' Of Diamond

Most Expensive 'Colour' Of Diamond

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Ever wondered what the most expensive colour of diamond is? I have... I still do.

When this discussion comes up, usually there 'surprise' isn't which particular colour is the most expensive, it's "oh woah, there is such thing as THAT coloured diamond!?"

Let's dive in and breakdown the array of diamond colours and which is the rarest and most desired.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are the most common of the coloured diamonds, but that doesn't mean they aren't valuable. The intensity and saturation of the yellow colour can affect the value of the diamond, with more intense and saturated yellows being the most valuable. The most famous yellow diamond is the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, which weighs in at over 128 carats.

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Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest diamond colours, making them the most expensive. These stones are found primarily in the Argyle mine in Western Australia, which is the only significant source of pink diamonds in the world. The intense colour and rarity of pink diamonds make them highly coveted and sought after.

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest diamond colour in the world, with only a handful of them known to exist. These diamonds get their red colour from the presence of a rare chemical impurity called a "grain" that causes light to be diffracted and split into different colours. The Argyle mine is also the primary source of red diamonds, making them extremely valuable.

Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are another rare diamond colour that is highly valued. The green colour comes from natural radiation, and the more intense the green colour, the more valuable the diamond. The most significant source of green diamonds is the Golconda mine in India, where the famous Hope Diamond was found.

Blue Diamonds

NOW, Blue diamonds, take number one spot. Saying they are "rare" to find is a huge understatement. It's more accurate to say, you just won't find them. Even with all the funds on your side, there is a bizarre bureaucracy that creates an impenetrable moat around the blue diamond trade. You need to 'know a guy who knows a guy', type of thing. These diamonds get their colour from the presence of boron in their chemical structure. Blue diamonds are found in various countries, but the most famous source of blue diamonds is the Cullinan mine in South Africa. Blue diamonds can range in colour from a pale blue to a vivid blue, with the most intense blues being the most valuable.

So, to 'conclude', as my year 9 English teacher taught me....

Diamonds come in various colours, and each colour has its unique charm and appeal. However, the rarest and most expensive diamond colours are the ones that convert on size, depth of colour and clarity. Rarest being secondary to 'availability' in their protection. Blue Diamonds taking the cake here. 

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