Bespoke Engagement Ring & Fine Jewellery.

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Australian engagement rings & fine jewellery. Specialising in under-valued coloured diamonds, and unique sapphires.

All pieces proudly designed and produced out of our Sydney studio, St Peters.

Our ethos stems from industry tropes that give access to amazing ranges of unique diamond and sapphire stones, under-valued by the market. This is the opportunity that we are able to provide for our customers.

Whether through gemstone or design approach, our couples are able to realise pieces well beyond their expectations based on current market standards.



1. Source your stone
2. Design the piece in order to best showcase and support the centre stone option
3. Cast locally, using Australian-only materials & produce right here in the Laher studio

To be absolutely committed to a customer achieving their dream ring, no matter what the limitation.

- Brand Mission


Initiate the process by submitting an enquiry through our online form. We'll just require some basic information in order to set up the next stage of the process.

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