Shekhina & Gabriel

November 24, 2023

Somerley House, Sutton Forrest

Photography by, Chris Grundy

The Design

Offset Soft Curve

Strangely, Shekhina was our first customer of this design.

New'ish, however, it did always strike us as quite odd that more customers didn't steer towards this design. It's a stunning wedding band.

Shekhina, was actually the one to shed some important light on this - as a designer herself, she often finds the uptake on new looks can be a long frustrating one, but to stick with it.

For the engagement rings that lend themselves to this design, it's unbeatable.

Offset and a diamond size gradient.

"As a designer, this is my advice.."

We were discussing with Shekhina, our amazement by the lack of interest in this style of wedding band, prior to her.

Shekhina, being a designer herself in the fashion industry, left us with some amazing advice.

She emphasised the need to let the market familiarise itself with a new unique style, acknowledging that her innovative design approaches often take time to gain momentum and allow the process to play out.

She was right.