The Cadillac Of Diamonds...

What is the Cadillac of diamonds? 

Well, a Cadillac Cut diamond is. 

I ebb and flow. Usually due to design trends that I will quickly get sick of. The designer in me needs that free swinging variety but when I'm into a style, my horse blinders are on. I went through a phase of wanting to build trapezoid cut accents stones into every design. Even when it was completely unwarranted. I used to whisper 'traaaapezoid' through customers windows late at night, to try and swing them that way.

Right now, I'm a fiend for cadi cut diamonds. See below... See below, these side stones are known as Cadi Cuts. 


They have a way to create a five stone feel with just three stones. What you'd do is have a pair of cadi's sitting (usually) either side of an emerald cut and the five points of the cadi shape, gives the design great directional focus with the fifth point that faces down the band, which you'd usually need an additional stone to do so. Often you'd add a set of pear cuts for this and then you can feed in a subtle knife edge band to line up with the point. But with a cadi cut, this is already handled ;)



Please, PLEASE, consider them...