'She is, unique...' is peppered through our content. It's a feeling that is infused not only in our design approach or a reflection of 'her', it also consumes our decisions with gemstone selection. 

Our focus on natural, untreated gemstones has helped us discover a colour range of delicate pastel, and soft hued gemstones. None more obvious that an untreated tanzanite (shown in a previous post). 

However, we've also extended our focus to an even more acute representation of individuality within a stone - the imperfections. 

She is, unique. 

This has led us to work closely with a gem cutter from South Australia, Tia. She has such an amazing eye for selecting stones in the rough that will have a true unique character, and building the stone around this feature, rather than cutting around it or treating it. 

This tourmaline, best captures my point. In its raw state, the colour alone is amazing, but then I just love this very noticeable imperfection in the centre of this stone. 

It is her unique feature. It's dimple. Maybe that's what I call it from now on... A dimple. 


Anyway, I was probably getting a little too poetic there. Let's hammer down to the specs. We've set this in a three stone design with a beautiful pair of cadillac cut white diamonds on the side. 


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