What should we name this shoot...

Strangely, this is question always seems to give me the most pause. 

For this shoot in particular, I am lost between poetic symbolism and contextual relevance. Emotive or descriptive. These are my two bumpers... 

I usually find the campaign name within the text whilst I write the blog entry for the campaign, so if you don't mind, I might keep punching these keys until I stumble upon something that feels right. 



What I love about this shoot is the palette of neutral colours. In which we are essentially working with only two hues in among a swathe of textures and tone depths. Low contrast, very soft and if you'll allow me this pretentious reference - I feel can be described as a 'memory', or hazy memory if you see the brilliance of this 'shutter drag' shot. 



Jimmy has an amazing ability of putting the subject before his photography. If you look at any of his work, there is a perfect subtly to his style, which allows what is happening in front of the lens to have it's time before you notice the style of his shot and editing. I feel that capturing the moment is more important than a deliberate engaging editing job. 

We are always very cautious about the model we choose for each shoot. It's not to set an expectation, but to create a feel. I honestly feel we couldn't have paired a more perfect set of components for this campaign. Everything that could be said about the Prea James dresses, the location, the ring designs and what we want to say about the brand as a whole, could also be said about Frankie. 

As we are working within such a specific range of singular tones in both the shadows and highlights, the first thing that I noticed was a specific split tone that Jimmy used whilst editing. It specifically drew my attention as it's actually the opposite of what we have used in recent shots.  

This shoot was essentially to relaunch a new chapter for Lei è. We have had a long development period, whilst we brought on a new head designer, Rach, worked on the new collection and planned our next phase. 

So this change of 'Split Tone' felt like an appropriate catalyst for a new feel across our brand. We'll use it in our product shots, in our lifestyle shoots and give it subtle nod on all our online material. 

It's a green hue split tone (at about 2%), which you'd only notice with two different images next to each other. 

You know what, I think that might just be it. It's not too elegant, but for now at least, let's call this campaign; Split Tone.


The relevance of this campaign is to have a soft re-opening of the label with head designer, Rachel Owen, who designed and styled the shoot. We're so excited to have her onboard and to be able to showcase not only her design style, but to introduce her to you all over the coming weeks. So keep yourself close, we've got some things to show you...

But firstly, let's take some time to meander through the the campaign; Split Tone. 


Photography by; Jimmy Raper.

We shot this at Prea James in Paddington, Sydney. Frankie Wall was our model and the ring designs were;

1. Pear Cluster of Pear and Round Cut Diamonds as Accent Stones. In 18ct Yellow.

2. Five stone of Pink Tourmaline Radiant Cut, Baguette & Pear Cut Diamonds. In 18ct Rose.

3. Asymmetrical Cluster of Parti Sapphire, Pear, Marquise & Round Cut Diamonds. IN 18ct White. 

Hair & makeup; Zoe Slatyer

Model; Frankie Wall 


Thanks for having us back. Enjoy.