Is This a Jewellery Shoot !?

Look, what's coming next might sound like phoney marketing speak, but it's actually an internal directive we use for communicating the purpose of shoots to the photographers and stylists...

When asked, 'what is the purpose of this campaign, what are we trying to capture...'. The answer that best assists the tactical approach for the shoot, is the core of our brand mission.

That is, we want to deliver a feeling. We are not just producing engagement rings, we resolving for an outcome. That feeling on your wedding day. 

Believe me when I say, I can definitely appreciate any feelings of cringe that you have after hearing that. 

However, it's not an outward projection that we tie into any of our brand material, as I said from the outset, it directs decisions we make. 

IF the purpose is to build a brand that encompasses a 'feeling', then striving to deliver on all areas of that wedding day outcome, is the vision. Is that a little teaser of things to come? 

And specifically in regards to this shoot - you won't see a lot of high definition, macro shots of the new pieces. We explained to the photog that this shoot is capturing the wedding day feeling, and we understand that although the ring are an important flavour on the day, it is just a singular part contributing to the final outcome that you've likely envisioned. 

I think we've capture that feeling quite well.

This isn't a jewellery shoot. Its your wedding day.

Leia, at Porta Rossa.

(Leia, in Lei è at Porta Rossa. That's right, our model is called Leia. Let that beautiful alignment sink in).
Photography; Jimmy Raper
Model; Leia Holloway
Location; Porta Rossa
Dresses; Christie Nicole
Hair & Makeup; Zoe Slatyer


It's tradition that we intro every new shoot properly. Give some context. Provide some clarity on what this shoot is for. And, just a general rolling out of the red carpet.

So let's have it. 

How is this the first Lei è Collection? Which we are naming, 'The Lei è Selection'. Well, prior to this, we have exclusively been operating as a Bespoke Jeweller. 

Of course we will often have pieces funnelled into the One Of A Kind collection online. These are generally surplus gemstones that were sourced for bespoke orders. However, there has never been a purposeful collection, designed to the truest design identity of, Lei è. Until now. 

So the collection takes on this structure; six design styles in rotation. (This is our actual internal designing framework for the collection).

Design 1. Asymmetrical Cluster Any centre stone with an asymmetry cluster
Design 2. Symmetrical Cluster Any centre stone with an SYMMETRICAL cluster
Design 3. Irregular Cluster Irregular cut, or unique cut to one side, with a cluster making up a similar size arrangement on the opposing side
Design 4. Trio of Oval / Round Three stone design that will be using round or brilliants. Generally the same stone such as three ovals or an oval and rounds
Design 5. Trio of Emerald Cut Three stone with an emerald/radiant centre stone, paired with fancy cuts
Design 6. Diamond of Five &... Five stone design, with a range of variations


How are they One Of A Kind, then? Ahh, I hear you. Every style will have a base design, which we will then rotate out the unique centre stone and have different variations of each. You'll see...


Without taking away from any of the key people in this shoot, it was genuinely hard to botch this one up.  

The location, unbeatable.

Leia, amazing. 

Jimmy behind the lens, come on... Always!

The dresses, perfect. 

And, the rings... Well then. 

I would say, 'I won't keep you any longer', but I am assuming you've already flicked on through to the good stuff. But if you're still here, thanks! And, enjoy.