They Call It, 'Flawed'... We'll Take It Off Their Hands Then

They Call It, 'Flawed'... We'll Take It Off Their Hands Then

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If we start with our mission statement and build out from there, then this entire piece will make a little more sense to you...

To shine a light on unique gemstones & diamonds, both natural and untreated - as not just a viable option for her engagement ring, but the perfect choice.

This is the perfect guiding light for us when making important decisions about the direction of our brand. However, without expanding on the reasoning behind this mission statement - then there may be some superficial run-off. So lets break it down a little further....


Our reasoning comes down to two core tenants of our philosophy. 

Firstly we needed to ask; 'Who is Lei è'? With the word translating to 'She is' - we want to speak to the unique, natural and 'flawed' characteristics of her. 

The natural inclusions are just a true representation of individuality in the gemstone. Free of uniformity that most treatments are designed for. 

Some people may point to the structural flaws as a reason to be deemed less valuable or the need to be treated. However, this would not explain gemstones such as paraiba tourmaline that proudly showcases its flaws as a key feature of its beauty. Many stones will be heavily included and are largely determined by market trends as to when they are to be seen as a unique aspect to be valued. We are shining that light now, and here comes the benefit to you, our customer....

Many of these unique characteristics that we look for in gemstones and diamonds, are variables that would class the stones as 'flawed'. 

So this feeds into our second reason for our mission. Is our ability and dedication to source and design the most amazing engagement ring for you, by focusing on these elements that the market has turned their back on. 

It's a bizarre situation that we find ourselves in - that we genuinely believe that the gemstone's flawed nature is its unique beauty, as well as coming at a significant price advantage.

"You get what you pay for...", couldn't be less relevant. And I don't know another industry that could say this. 

Let us find you an amazingly unique stone, with a story, inclusions that showcase its natural beauty AS WELL AS, being ignored by nearly an entire industry. 



I want to use two case studies to give you ultimate clarity on what I am talking about. 

Firstly, this beautiful, Two Stone diamond ring. Take this in for a second...

That warm diamond is 2.73ct! For any diamond within a reasonable consideration of 'market quality colour', this piece would have been well in excess of $40,000 - and this isn't for a perfect colour or clarity either. I'm talking a colour J, SI 1. 

Now, make sure you're sitting... 

This piece cost our customer, $14,500. 

How? Because, that diamond is a colour W-X. A colour that most diamond suppliers won't even stock, as its considered flawed. 

Let me tell you, it was a beautiful diamond. Great clarity, a warm tone and paired with a whiter small oval, it was the perfect piece. 

The strangest twist to this entire store - that is if that warm white diamond was a few shades more yellow, it would then be considered a 'Yellow Diamond', a fancy colour and the price goes sky high. Explain that one...


Our second example, in all fairness was picked up from one of our amazing stone cutters who we source a lot of our stones from, as they also share a similar philosophy on gemstones. 


This cloudy, pastel Umba sapphire is truly one of a kind. It houses the essence of Lei è with an individuality that you will not see in market treated stones. This would not make the run on team for the majority of the industry. I personally, can not get enough of this stone. 

I want to just add one final thing. This is not a morale or ethical stance. We are not saying we are necessarily 'correct' in this approach, nor should anyone who doesn't align with this, opt for this choice of an engagement ring. We actually feel extremely lucky to have this perspective and be able to showcase untapped beauty that just so happens to live in a very undervalued segment of the market. 


So let me leave you with this challenge; give us an unrealistic brief. Come to us with a budget and your dream ring. Let us go into bat for you and come out with some amazing options that the majority of the industry has turned their back on. Watch what we can do....


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