What Colours Do Sapphire Come In?

What Colours Do Sapphire Come In?

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Exploring the Spectral Rainbow: Unveiling the Varying Colours of Sapphire

Let us start with the most simplified, stripped-back form of this conversation, from there we can expand further into a more comprehensive breakdown...

Sapphire's come in every colour except red. The red versions of sapphire, are called Ruby. So, yes, a Ruby is just a red sapphire. Fun lil' fact to dangle into the next unique engagement ring chat that you find yourself in.


Colours of Sapphire

While the blue sapphire remains a celebrated gem, sapphires exist in a kaleidoscope of other colours - each with distinct characteristics. Via a process known as 'trace element doping', sapphires undergo chemical changes resulting in these varying hues, from the striking cornflower blue to the rare pink-orange Padparadscha. Not as renowned, but equally captivating, are green sapphires, a testament to the gem’s versatility. Yellow sapphires, often likened to bright sunlight, offer a refreshing change, whilst white sapphires are revered for their sophisticated, understated appeal. The exploration of diverse sapphire colours unveils a mesmerising visual feast, embodying the gem's rich palette and fascinating allure.

Pink and Purple Sapphires


Pink and purple sapphires add a lively and ethereal touch to any jewellery piece. These captivating hues are a popular choice for those desiring something unique and distinguishable. Pink sapphires, evoking sentiments of romance and grace, range from soft blush tones to intense hot pink. The purple sapphires, on the other hand, come in a spectrum of shades, from subtle lilac to deep royal purple. They are associated with royalty and luxury, enhancing the beauty of any outfit effortlessly. When cut and polished, both pink and purple sapphires exhibit a fascinating sparkle, making them a favourite among gem connoisseurs and jewellery designers. You can choose from various cuts and sizes of pink and purple sapphires to suit your personal style and make a statement. From engagement rings to statement necklaces, these colourful sapphires certainly add a dazzling touch to any piece of jewellery.


Blue Sapphires

Contrary to common knowledge, these captivating gems aren't limited to just azure depths; sapphires offer an exceptional palette of colours. Out of all the distinctive shades, blue sapphires have always enjoyed unparalleled popularity amongst gem enthusiasts. Yet, even within the spectrum of blue sapphires, the variance is astounding. There is a multitude of shades, from the trademark royal blue to the remarkable cornflower blue, to the richly saturated navy-blue hue, each with its own unique charm and allure. Comparatively, the colour diversity within blue sapphires alone is relatively uncharted and oftentimes overlooked. Therefore, when considering sapphires, don’t restrict yourself to what’s commonly known; delve deeper into the fascinating world of blues that this enchanting gemstone offers.


Ceylon Sapphire

This may not have needed its own 'section' however we felt it necessary to give a brief summary of the infamous Ceylon sapphire.

The Ceylon Sapphire takes its name from Sri Lanka – formerly known as Ceylon - the island nation where these azure-hued beauties are frequently unearthed. Prized for their vivid shades of blue, the Ceylon sapphire has set itself apart as one of the most sought-after sapphires worldwide. Unlike other blue sapphires, the allure of the Ceylon variant is attributed to its colour quality, which ranges from light to a deep, rich blue, creating an enchanting colour spectrum that simply captivates. Also, famed for its exceptional clarity and luminosity, it's no wonder the Ceylon Sapphire sits at a high level of desirability amongst gem enthusiasts, jewellers and collectors. So, when exploring different colours of sapphire, the stunning Ceylon Sapphire's captivating tonal blues undoubtedly affirm its place at the pinnacle of blue sapphires.


Bi-Colour or Parti Sapphires

Simply put, parti means partition. As in, a partition of colours. Other gemstones such as tourmaline, use the term bi-colour, however, they are essentially the same thing.


Bi-Colour or Parti Sapphires are quite the spectacle; they create an enchanting blend of two or more colours within a single gemstone. This unique characteristic largely contributes to their growing demand in the jewellery market. When exposed to different lights, Parti Sapphires display an array of colours like blue, yellow, and green, often entwined in fascinating patterns. The rare beauty of these multicoloured sapphires is increasingly being celebrated in bespoke, high-end jewellery designs. The allure of Parti Sapphires lies in their distinctiveness; no two stones are alike, ensuring your jewellery piece is as individual as you are.

Yellow Sapphires

Another variant to consider amongst the myriad colours of sapphires is Yellow Sapphire. This vibrant, sunny shade is associated with prosperity and knowledge. Originating from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, yellow sapphires glow with a luminous warmth, ranging in hues from pale lemon to intense golden. Often compared to yellow diamonds for their brilliance, yellow sapphires are more durable and affordable, making them a desirable alternative. They are also the gemstone of the Eastern Zodiac sign, Sagittarius. The radiant beauty of yellow sapphires adds an incandescent sparkle to any piece of jewellery, and symbolise happiness and positivity. Exceptionally beautiful and sparkling, yellow sapphires are sure to leave an impression.


White Sapphires

White Sapphires, uncovering charm in subtlety, have marked a significant space in the exciting spectrum of sapphire colours. Although they do not feature the vibrant hues of blue, pink or yellow commonly associated with sapphires, white sapphires captivate with their crystal-like clarity and brilliance. White sapphires offer a more affordable but equally stunning alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. A symbol of purity and wisdom, these gemstones can add an understated yet sophisticated touch to any piece of jewellery. When considering sapphires, don't overlook the enchanting charm of white sapphires; their allure lies in their simplicity and elegance.


Green Sapphires

Exhibiting an immense depth of verdant hues, Emerald Sapphires are another captivating version of this gem. These enticing stones often range from pale light green to a richly saturated dark green, echoing the serene beauty of a lush forest. Few gems may match the visual appeal and charm an Emerald Sapphire holds, with its distinctive colour tonality. They're particularly admired for their dazzling lustre and exceptional hardness, just a tad below diamond. Emerald Sapphires make enthralling centrepieces in jewellery, notably in rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Their ethereal elegance and unparalleled durability make them an ideal choice for both daily wear and special occasions.


Padparadscha Sapphire

The unique Padparadscha Sapphire continues to be one of the most desirable stones across the globe, primarily due to its distinctive pink-orange hue. This exquisite colour gradient blends the warmth of a stunning sunset with the soft romance of a blooming rose, captivates the eye and enchants the heart. Prized by collectors, jewellers and gemstone enthusiasts alike, the Padparadscha Sapphire hails predominantly from Sri Lanka, though it has also been discovered in parts of Madagascar and Tanzania. Each element of its charm, from its compelling colour to its rarity, contributes to the Padparadscha Sapphire's high value and sought-after status. This gemstone certainly holds a significant spot amongst the glorious spectrum of Sapphire colours and contributes massively to a strong unique engagement ring.

Pastel Sapphires

Continuing on our journey of exploring the diverse shades of sapphires, let's delve into the realm of pastel sapphires. Often overlooked due to their subdued shades, pastel sapphires bring a unique blend of elegance and charm, harmoniously balancing their delicate colour with the resilience rightfully associated with sapphires. These captivating gemstones come in a colour palette ranging from soothing blues to serene greens, mesmerising lavenders, peachy corals, or even enchanting yellows. Pastel sapphires offer an opportunity to wear sapphires in a completely different yet irresistible aesthetic, making them an intriguing choice for one-off unique engagement rings.


In conclusion, the magical world of sapphires unveils an incredible spectrum of colours, each possessing unique characteristics and symbolic meanings. From the classic blue sapphire to the enchanting pink and regal yellow, every colour tells a story beyond its visual appeal. Understanding the diverse palette of sapphires can greatly enhance the shopper's experience, allowing for more nuanced and informed decisions. Nonetheless, the true value of a sapphire lies ultimately in its beholder's eyes. Whether it's a testament of love or a personal fashion statement; whether chosen for its shade, astrological significance, or origin, the sheer variety of colours in sapphires ensures there’s a perfect gem out there for every taste and occasion. As a purchaser, explore your options, and enrich your jewellery collection with the captivating wonder of coloured sapphires.


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