"uNiquE sToNe SunDays"

Is there anything more enraging than the daily content themes that brands post? 

'Taco Tuesday' retired the term. So let's leave it with that. 

Assuming you can tell by now, 'Unique Stone Sundays' was heaving with sarcasm. BUT, we do have unique gemstone option to run past you. 


Mohs hardness; 6.5-7

Colour Range: is wild. It has this lush greenish rust hue, often with a colour change component to it (in which different light sources will mean the stone changes colour completely). 

Affordability; here is the interesting this - it is actually quite rare and very unique in colour zoning compared to a lot of coloured gems. However, it's extremely affordable. In part to do with the hardness being quite low - however its right inline with Tanzanite and slightly under emerald. 

The affordability comes down to this...

On one of the main resources for gemstone identification and education, had this to say about Turkish Diaspore, "...typical light brownish color is not easy to sell". 

Industry standards such as this, is why we exist. (Lei è that is, not humans. I'm not going that far off the philosophical vert ramp today). We've never been stunted by industry tropes and assumptions of market trends. 

But statements like this, just gets me more excited, as I know that we are now going to be able to offer our customers amazing, natural and unique gemstones without that brutal price tag.


The Turkish Diaspore, is an absolute beauty.

Consider it if; you're keeping the funds tight and love that unique pastel, nearly an untreated green/grey tanzanite feel. 


- Rach