Option 1

The best and most accurate way to size your finger, would be to let a professional jeweller size you up, in their studio or retail store.

Our studio is in St Peters, Sydney. So just get in touch to organise a sizing; renee@leiedesign.com

Option 2

If option 1 isn't possible. Let us send you a free finger sizing tool! If this is a gift to yourself, perfect! We can send you a small tie that will sufficiently show us your size.

Option 3

So the piece is a surprise or you need it urgently? Don't stress. We have developed a Ring Suggestion quiz that will get you very close, if not perfect, to the size you are after. 

See here; 

Take the quiz!

Option 4

One other final option we have for you, is to mail in a 'borrowed' ring of theirs. If you can get your hands on one of their rings, you can send it in for us to size. Even if the ring sits on a different finger, we'll be able to closely estimate the size you need. Once again, just get in touch to organise this option; info@leiedesign.com