India & Ryan

August 16, 2022

Capri, Italy

Photography by, James Raper

The Design

'A bed of lustre'

Champagne Asscher Cut Diamond, with baguette & trapezoid white diamonds.

The feature of this design is actually the pairing of the five stones.

Choosing an asscher over an emerald cut, allowed for a consistency in the thickness of the spread across the finger. A dense beauty.

The Wedding

"We didn't want anything big. That's just not us. The way we show affection is by constantly taking the piss out of each other.

So the idea of standing holding hands in front of heaps of people, singing each other sweet-nothings, was never going to happen.

So we eloped in Italy with 12 of us. Hoped out of the pool for 6 mins, whilst the celebrant married us, then got back to drinking in the sun.


- Ryan & India.