Genevieve & Jack

November 24, 2023

Somerley House, Sutton Forrest

Photography by, James Raper

The Design

Trio Of....

The beautiful & timeless trilogy of oval, white diamond.

The subtle but important detail of the trellis setting, creates further depth in the design - and we are not using 'depth' in an irrelevantly poetic sense, what we mean is, that it is a detail that is noticed beyond the first glance. You notice the amazing pairing of the three ovals, you and then on closer inspection the crossover prongs (trellis) add that secondary flare.

"Want Any Engravings?"

When we asked Jack, if he wanted any engravings on the wedding ring. A few ideas started to be pitched around.

I made mention to the wedding date as an option, and showed a tattoo that I had on my wrist of the wedding date that I got, noting that it would have been easier just to have it engraved on the ring.

Genevieve, then commented, "Oooh see that Jack, pressure is on..."

To which he responded, "well, I've already got your name tattooed on my ass...".

Jack, then proceeded to drop has dacks, and reveal the tattoo. Sure enough, "Gen", in 3am-style handwriting.

That's love hahah.