Congo Tourmaline

Natural Untreated, Congo Tourmaline from the Rubaya Mine in eastern Congo.

The market has deemed many characteristics of gemstones 'less diserable' & either pushed them aside or artificially treated the stone to fix these 'imperfections'.

We feel that a gemstones intrinsic beauty lies within it's natural flaws and unique appearance, void of any alteration or treatment.  

Precision Freeform Cut

"It's the art of unmaking. You're taking something that is made and perfect in its own way and then unmaking it to remake a gem" - Doug


Irregular Brilliant Cut, Pinkish Peach
8.74 x 9.10 x 6.66mm

As a bespoke jeweller, we have no need for uniformity, it is our mission to source the most beautifully unique & natural gemstones.

Whether unusual variants or irregular cuts, we want every piece to represent to special and unique characterisitcs of, her.

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