Corrine & Oliver

June 15, 2024

The Lodge Jamberoo Resort & Spa

Photography by, Love Of Mine

The Design

The nature of our brand, is unique. Always has been and likely always will be.

However, the classics are a great reminder of why such piece are popular choice. Choosing what to not include is the art of design. Solitaires embody this notion in the most perfect way.

When you're working with such bold centre stones, the right choice is often to leave it alone and allow the beauty to be unimpeded.

1.50ct Diamond Solitaire w Cigar Wedding Band.

For Those We Love

Corrine and Oliver are actually friends of ours.

Of course every couple that we make a piece for is a blessing. However, being in this fortune position to help those closest to us just reinforces the privilege we have as jewellers. To have such a direct connection to the amazing day that we played a small role in, was truly special.