Alina & Rob

April 26, 2024

Centennial Vineyards Restaurant, Bowral

Photography by, Rob Meredith

The Design

You will always find us in the unique diamond range. Warm white diamonds are a stable at Laher.

With Alina's design, the elevation came from the paired wedding band of small oval warm white diamonds. Amazing combination.

1.03ct Warm White Diamond Solitaire w/ Wedder of Oval Warm White.

'The Joint Consult'

There's something special about the joint consult.

For some reason, we seem to attract couples that come in together. May due to the unique nature of our designs.

This brings a special component to the entire process. Going through this together, is just a further extension of their lives together and being able to experience this with them and together bringing the designs to life, is some beautiful.