Lei è Bespoke

What is the Lei è Bespoke process?

This is for the highly involved customer. Because, She is...particular!

Usually, at some stage of any bespoke process, there is a specific element that you have no control over. Where it's choosing a pre-cut, treated stone or a complete design off the shelf. 

This process will be from the ground up. From sourcing a particular rough stone, collaborating with our stone cutter to choose the perfect cut. 

"Yes but... we sourced our stone from the rough & had it custom cut from this design". 

This process is about the experience.

Consider this, 'sitting at the chefs table'. The process will be complete collaboration with all areas of production. 


We source the rough stone. 

With your vision, we'll look to find a specific rough stone that will then be custom cut by the Lei è stone cutter. 

During this stage, with the final design in mind, we can discuss the best options for the stone cut shape. 

You will be involved in the entire process and we can document the stone through its stages of rough to final cut. 


After the stone has been cut, we'll begin the design of the ring. 

This process can been produced and casted from CAD design - in which you'll be able to see the piece come to life in visual renders, make all the alterations you need, prior to sending off for casting in the metal. 

We can also hand-make the piece, with designs being sketched prior to production. 


We enter production of the piece, with the team of skilled jewellers in the Lei è Studio, here in Sydney, Australia. 

Once again, documenting the entire process for you to be able to be enjoy with your partner after receiving your ring. It's about the journey. 

 This process takes about 4-6 weeks.


Interested in the Lei è Bespoke journey? Get in touch below.


   Interested in a bespoke design like this? Get in touch below!