Let's Go East! (....and West)

If I am here for anything, it's to just line up a few other options that you may have just not previously thought was a nice lil' touch...

You're likely coming to us with a good idea on what you or your partner is after. But that is usually with a STONE or a specific DESIGN managing your decision.  

If you've got the design dialled, then tune out from here on out.  But, if it's just the stone that you're focused on, then here's an approach that could take your design out of the bog-standard and into 'oOobaby'. 


This won't need to be a long pursuit of steering you towards this style, it's quite straightforward really. Take that portrait layout and rotate it 90 degrees. 

It's a unique tweak on a classic. Even as a solitaire, it'll garner some further intrigue.

The fact that it is a great solitaire option, also subsequently means it will save you a couple bucks. 




EMERALD or Baguette
Perfect for this style. Our main suggestion for this East-West approach.

This is an interesting option and does work amazing with a tension-set or half bezel.

PEAR or Marquise
Very unique option and I'd suggest a full bezel and in a thicker band. A half bezel would also look great with a pear cut.

Of course! An irregular cut gemstone is already not abiding by any rules, so it is well equipped for a wild consult...




So look, I'm simply a low volume microphone - kind of like speaking into a construction cone. That level of loud... Here to say, consider the East-West option when designing that ring.


 Start your design below!