Keep Those Corners Tight

This is my one pet hate with certain Emerald Cuts... 

If we're all ok with the fact that majority of emerald cuts will be a four prong set, then we need to keep the size of those corner cuts relatively small compared to the long and short sides of the entire piece. 

The role of these cut corners, is to still allow broad windows for viewing clarity and colour and retain that the angular look with more brilliance. Which honestly, is achieved with the smallest angled cuts on each corner. 

I feel it can ruin an emerald cut if they are too wide. It can start to look like a troubled octagonal cut.

Let's allow them to max out the spready look, with tight little shoulders for the prongs to hang on to. 

(For reference, the image with this blog and below, has the perfect ratio)


COMPARED TO THIS (don't get me wrong, still a beautiful stone, I just feel it loses something); 


Not a groundbreaking, industry moving thought today... But still, something to think about in among a plethora of other complex elements. So I guess, sorry for lobbing this in the mix. 


- Rach.