The Lunette Collection

The Lunette Collection

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The half bezel style of Piece One with the beautiful portrait cut gemstone, gives a tension set look and feel when looking directly down on the ring - with the added durability and security of the bezel seat under the setting.

This entire collection feeds off the visibility of the gemstones charm and unique quirks. Whether it is internal needles, inclusions or the individualistic colour patterning - no other cut allows for such clear viewing of these features than the portrait cut. 

The technical reason for this is due to the way light is absorbed and returned by the 'culet' with a traditional gemstone cut. The correct positioning of a culet in a gemstone, looks to align the most densely coloured area of the rough gemstone at the tip of the culet, which will result in the most intense colour being shown when viewing the gemstone from above. Often, it may only be a small streak of colour in the rough stone that has been positioning perfectly, which makes the entire gem look like one consistent vibrant colour. 

With the portrait cuts, the most important characteristic to us was that there was no culet to defuse how the zoning of colours occurs through the stone. 

The perfect viewing window.

Therefore, the design needs to not comprise this aspect, it needs to prop up the key features and allow the viewing window to hum - which a minimalistic half bezel does amazingly. 

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