The Difference Between Radiant & Emerald Cut; Let's break it down...

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The terms have become somewhat interchangeable. 

Generally what will happen is, you’ll see a ‘radiant’ cut, which takes on a rectangular shape - then that will just become the term for any stone that resembles any ‘squarish’ feel, gets pinned as radiant.

However, there are some tidy nuances that make your choice of either Emerald Cut or Radiant Cut, important.

So let’s dive in….

While both cuts have their own similar characteristics - specifically the shape and ratio, there are distinct differences between them that can affect their appearance and value.

Emerald Cut Diamonds:


The emerald cut diamond is a classic diamond shape that is known for its rectangular shape and step-cut facets. Unlike other diamond shapes, such as the round brilliant cut, which are designed to maximise sparkle, the emerald cut is designed to showcase a diamond's clarity and colour.


The rectangular shape of an emerald cut diamond gives it a sleek, elegant look that is often preferred by those who appreciate clean lines and a more minimalist aesthetic. The step-cut facets of an emerald cut diamond create a "hall of mirrors" effect that can make the diamond appear larger than it actually is. However, this cut does not reflect light as well as other cuts, which means that an emerald cut diamond may not have as much sparkle as other diamond shapes.


Radiant Cut Diamonds:


The radiant cut diamond is a relatively new diamond shape that was developed in the 1970s. It is a hybrid cut that combines the shape of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round brilliant cut. Radiant cut diamonds are typically square or rectangular in shape, with trimmed corners that give them a softened, more modern look.


The radiant cut diamond has a total of 70 facets, which means that it reflects light exceptionally well, making it a very sparkly diamond. The combination of the step-cut facets and the brilliant-cut facets gives the diamond a unique look that can change depending on the lighting conditions. This cut is often preferred by those who want a diamond that has both the elegance of an emerald cut and the sparkle of a round brilliant cut.

Differences Between Radiant and Emerald Cut Diamonds:


The main difference between radiant and emerald cut diamonds is the way they reflect light. While both cuts have step-cut facets, the emerald cut has fewer facets than the radiant cut, which means that it does not reflect as much light. This can make an emerald cut diamond appear less sparkly than a radiant cut diamond.


Another key difference between the two cuts is their shape. Emerald cut diamonds have a more classic, rectangular shape, while radiant cut diamonds can be square or rectangular with trimmed corners. This gives the radiant cut a more modern look that is often preferred by those who want a diamond with a contemporary style.


In terms of price, radiant cut diamonds are typically more expensive than emerald cut diamonds, as they require more skill to cut and create a more sparkly diamond. However, the cost of a diamond can vary widely depending on factors such as carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut quality.

To wrap up, both radiant and emerald cut diamonds are beautiful choices for engagement rings and other fine jewellery. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference and style. If you prefer a classic, elegant look with clean lines, an emerald cut diamond may be the right choice for you. If you prefer a modern, sparkly look with a unique shape, a radiant cut diamond may be the way to go.

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