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Alright, where was I…

Oh yep, ‘LAHER’, not Lei è

We’ve been peppering in the quiet word of this February 15th release and I thought it was worth giving a full breakdown of the upcoming campaign.

Well, everything really.

We spoke about the name change, from Lei è to Laher here (if you want to read the entire thing), but in short, it represents two things;

  1. Firstly and most importantly, changing the name to something that is phonetically easier to say, spell and remember.

  2. It’s an important pivot point for us, into building Laher out into the jewellery label that we have always envisioned. Something that started as exclusively bespoke engagement rings and now is at a maturity to be able to introduce her to all elements of jewellery design that we want to represent. She is many things… and knowing this, we want to be able to provide an experience of all her needs.

We believe we have done a good job at this stage to establish our design identity at the engagement ring level.

We specialised in unique gemstone and diamond options, within individualistic designs.

This may feel like a generic tagline, however digging into the design styles and our centre stone choices - I feel this statement encapsulates our approach quite well.

Our signature style is the irregular cluster. In which we source amazing freeform cut sapphires. As well as, under-appreciated unique diamond colours, such as warm white and cognac-champagne diamonds in modern styles.

Without this as our guiding light, the rest of our collection categories that we are now introducing, would lack direction.

With the stage set, allow me to give some further context of the arriving collections; FINE, ENGAGE & SIGNET.



The concept of this release, 1.0, was to welcome the new design styles through the understanding of our engagement ring side of the label being the primary attraction for our audience.

So we wanted to create an accessibility to our style, through fine, everyday-wear jewellery.

Let me explain how the features of these designs carry this feel…

There are four designs within this collection that have been designed around our core engagement ring styles, but with the centre stone removed - in a split shank look.

I have always felt it was a shame to have such amazing designs being secluded to the purpose of ‘wedding bands’, due to their positioning in a category.

Look I mean, I get it. There’s a degree of superstition to it. You may not feel comfortable making a ‘just for me’ purchase within the wedding band collection. And more importantly, they are often too heavily designed around the presence of an engagement ring on the finger.

So we have taken on a similar style to many wedding bands, yet with champagne diamonds as the feature.



I’m not sure why signets were left as collection fillers for most labels.

I feel that this space is predominantly owned by male ring brands and there is a lack of attention allocated to the designing of amazing signet designs for women.

We are only introducing three new designs to this category initially. However, this is going to be a huge focus for us moving forward and several more designs rolling out in the coming weeks.

We have designed these pieces to be ‘soft cornered signets’ - remarkably comfortable - which is an odd thing to say about metal around your finger, however you’ll know what I mean when you try it on.

They sit low to the finger and are styled to be alongside a strong hosting of finer bands on your fingers.



As this has been a primary purpose for Laher, this new collection will look to expand the offerings along two key markers;

  • White Diamond Signature Range

We have created our core series of white diamond and lab grown diamond classics.

  • Mid Tier Uniques

We have developed our irregular cluster range, into a more accessible price point. Using the same amazing and unique sapphire, in the 1-2ct range.

I am unbelievably excited to be launching this new chapter. Stay with us.

See you soon.

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