Why You Should Consider, The Joint Consultation

Why You Should Consider, The Joint Consultation

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Well you can you just hope it doesn't fit, so during the resize, you can say, "I might just change a couple of things whilst I'm at it hun"...

I know there's anxiety about that moment... Not about the 'rest of our lives' aspect, but the tin-pot attempt of an engagement ring that they've taken a swipe at. 

OR, let's continue to make this a thing. The Joint Consult. 


This has become more of a staple with consults at Lei è. I was actually very surprised at the number of consults that are with both the couple. I'm backing it. 

I'd say, it's down to 50% of our consults in which it's just the bloke taking a punt solo. 

Here's two ways to approach it;

PRIOR to the engagement; 

In one of those relationships that the convo is constantly about marriage, you're always sweating him to touch that kneecap on the turf and you're open to just coming in together to get it sorted. 

Then, every time you stroll past the letterbox, you can start prepping your shocked face. 


POST engagement;

This is executed with a Placeholder design. Something to say "let's now go design this together". 

We do actually offer a service in which you can have a cheap placeholder made and then you can just trade that piece in and that cost is put towards the actual engagement ring. 



Absolutely nothing wrong with taking the bull by the horns and getting stuck into the designing process without the nod from your other, but this I just wanted to give some context on what we are seeing coming through the Lei è studio and the Joint Consult is actually a beautiful process to go through with them. 


If anyone wants to explore the placeholder approach, just sing out and we'll chat further.

Photography; @puremac.photography 

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