She is, One Of A Kind

She is, One Of A Kind

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'Commonality doesn't negate individualism...'

Now, you're picturing that spray painted on an inner city bin, aren't you? Well, let me explain further.

We design within a six style radius.

Our six signature styles rotate on the lazy suzan, whilst our focus is on sourcing and finding unique centre stones, combinations or intricate details that render each piece truly individualistic, often in subtle and nuanced ways.

I would dare say that the quality you cherish most about your partner is something that only the two of you share. It's something that only you see.

In a strange way, this is how we have always felt about our designs.

Sometimes, it's a slight imperfection or a distinctive pairing of a stone with an unassuming accent diamond. Rarely is it exclusively the most prominent aspect of the design, like a striking centre stone. Often, it's something we initially didn't favor about the stone or the design itself. Love then feels like it's been "earned."

These are the parallels I see, between you and her.

Since we operate within a range of six signature styles, your appreciation for design nuances becomes heightened. Take, for instance, our irregular cluster design—I can vividly imagine every version of this piece that we've released, and I can identify specific characteristics of each one that I absolutely adored.

It could be a slight asymmetry in the balance or a particular colour zoning.

Yet, in the grand scheme of designs, it remains subtle. But to the owner, those fine distinctions are all that matter. They are the attributes that make it uniquely theirs.

She is one-of-a-kind, and often, it's only you who truly recognises that.

1.87ct Irregular Cluster of Parti Sapphire

1.87ct Irregular Cluster of Parti Sapphire


This modern One Of A Kind three stone design has the central beauty of one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones on the plant, a Padparadscha Sapphire. Engagement ring or statement piece. … read more

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