Photographer Partnership | Behind The Concept

Photographer Partnership | Behind The Concept

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Campaign from, October 1st till November 30th

Photographer Partnership⌇Campaign Launch.

If this is at all within your 24 month scope… You need to jump on this ASAP.

We have this amazing campaign lined up in partnership with three of Sydney's to wedding photographers.

It’s genuinely hard to pitch. As it sounds a little too juicy to be true. However, let me lay out the top line facts of the campaign and then allow us to further unpack the concept and it will make perfect sense.

So at the core, this is what the partnership program is:

If you go through Lei è for your engagement ring, we’ll provide you with a photographer for your wedding day… For free.

  • The only thing we request in return is to be able to use this content from your wedding day, online and in our socials.

Know what I mean now? Seems weird… Let me explain.

We do a lot of the campaign shoots for Lei è.

There has been a swing towards shooting a lot of mock weddings and really trying to showcase ‘the wedding day feeling’, rather than the jewellery.

Full transparency, these shoots generally cost us around, 6-8k.

Therefore we have a massive, important moment of clarity in which we realised… ‘Why on earth… don’t we just pay for our couples wedding photographers and have actual wedding day photos!?’

One key guideline for our campaigns is always; we want to ‘best represent our customer base’ in the shoots. And, good god, what better way to represent our base, than using our customer base in our photos?

We are not a fashion label. We don’t need or particularly want models. However they are the best current alternative, simply due to the professionalism in attempting to re-create wedding day authenticity.

The best possible result for us, is to be able to shoot real couples, in our jewellery on a genuine wedding day.

We are not going to have any involvement beyond the engagement rings. We want your day to be your day. As authentically beautiful as we know it will be. Then we’d love to be able to share this with future couples throughout our website.

I want to be super honest - I want you to take a peek behind the curtain. This is just as much a good deal for us, if not better. I don’t want it to seem like we are being altruistic or trying to provide an unreasonable value on top of your experience with us. If we try and tell that story, I know you’ll be able to see through it. Let me explain…

The wedding photographers cost us $5500 and we generally pay significantly more than this for our shoots. So we are in no way hinting that we are ‘hooking you up’. It’s just a very bizarre scenario in which we are able to offer a really, really good opportunity to a few couples, which helps out everyone involved.

  • We are going to be doing the shoots anyway. May as well be Lei è couples.

  • IF you are planning on proposing soon, may as well get a free photographer.

  • And, the wedding photographers get to shoot more amazing weddings.

NOW, big question… Who are the wedding photographers!? Is it just my suspect uncle with a GoPro head mount?

No, its actually the three main photographers on our supplier list. We use them for our mock shoots and our favourite photographers prior to this campaign idea coming to light.

  • Blaise Bell

  • Tom Coburn

  • Rob Meredith

*You’ll be able to choose which photographer, based on their availability. But they’re all equally amazing.

Now, everyone will also naturally think, but what price are we paying for the engagement rings? Completely reasonable question… Again, a hard one to answer.

We haven’t felt the need to put an actual figure on it, as I mentioned earlier, we are going to be spending this money on shoots regardless. So as long as we have that covered, we are all good! But for a guide:

  • We’ve just referenced it as our ‘average engagement ring prices’. These are all listed online, same as before.

  • They generally range from $7,000-15k+.

You know what you want to spend regardless, if its within your budget, the offer is there. Reach out and let’s get this started.

It’s ideal for you if;

  • You’re flexible on dates in the next 4-18 months

  • You are doing a joint consultation and can come in with your partner and look at the available dates prior to proceeding with an order.

So excited (and nervous to be honest) for this campaign, and unbelievable keen to see all the wedding day photos over the next two years.

I’ve attached the campaign PDF below.

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