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What often happens is, we get a new stone in and think “argh I hope this doesn’t sell…’

Believe me, I can appreciate the fact that this runs contrary to the entire purpose of starting a jewellery label.

It’s not so much that we don’t want it to sell, its just the fact that we often have consultations in studio and these one of kind, amazing gemstones are snatch up so quickly, that we have little to showcase.

This is one of those stones. Genuinely, we had the discussion of keeping this in studio, never to be sold - just as a visual tool for sourcing similar stones.

I guess though, we can’t really do that.

This stone will be absolutely perfect for someone and we can’t deny them this stone.

This piece will sit alongside diamonds and other gemstones online, and you will firstly notice the premium price.

Rightly so, you should ask, why?

Let me explain…

There are two approaches for cutting a new rough gemstone;

a) Native or Commercial Cut

b) Precision Cut

There is a lot of discussion in our industry around firstly the terminology and secondly the classification of ‘precision cut’.

However, I won’t bog you down the specs of that debate.

The fundamentals are as follows;

Native/Commercial cut gemstones are generally shipped off to Thailand and other specialised cutting hubs, for a more economic cutting process. We can understand why this is done and many of these cutting house do amazing jobs. 

Precision Cut, requires a higher tier skillset and therefore, it’s usually limited to regions that can justify this additional expense. It is a far more focused process and targets a different segment of the market.

The precision cutting process optimises the light distribution throughout the stone, fetching the greatest yield on colour and sparkle.

To give you perspective, the vast majority of gemstones in the market here in Australia would be Native Cut. Most of our stones are native cut. So it is not a reflection of a lower tier label, it’s simply a limitation game. There are very few precision cutters here in Australia - I could actually name all of them, THAT’S how few there are.

Therefore, there is a very limited supply.

The second factor to this situation is that, due to the higher cost of the precision cutting process, unless the rough gemstone is internally flawless, beautiful colour and an appropriate size that will allow a higher sale price, its not worth the additional cost. Therefore, there is another limitation put on the market due to the scarcity of these rough stones.

Ok, that long run up was necessary to introduce this amazing, dark green Australian sapphire, precision cut right here in Sydney - in my opinion, by Australia’s best gemstone cutter, Doug Mengue.


I believe, one of the hardest things in design is to choose what not to do. When you get an absolute beauty of a stone, the tendency is to go big. Design your life away. Something extravagant and bold.

However, these stones demand the exact opposite. They are the hero, not you.

Prop them up and let them do the heavy lifting.

So we have kept it fairly classic in a trilogy design, with a trestle setting. Simple white diamond pear cut accent stones to do the work of framing the attention towards the centre.

Let us introduce, the 2.50ct Trilogy of Green Sapphire.

2.50ct Trio of Green Sapphire & Pear Diamond

2.50ct Trio of Green Sapphire & Pear Diamond


This One Of A Kind trilogy design features an amazing precision cut green sapphire, on a high trestle setting. The premium of this particular piece comes from the top tier green sapphire which was cut locally by one of Australia's most talented stone cutters, Doug… read more

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