Mission Recalibration...

Mission Recalibration...

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As you dedicate days, weeks, and even months to carefully consider every minute aspect of your brand, there is so much excitement and enthusiasm that arises from even the smallest alteration, such as a single word change in a mission statement or the recognition of a subtle shift in brand direction.

Where am I going with this? Allow me to elaborate...

Since our establishment, Lei è has been through several lite-pivots within Lei è since our inception. To be honest, at times it felt like we were straying from our core principles and identity. However, it is crucial to consistently remind ourselves that each customer interaction holds the potential to recalibrate our trajectory, for we are fundamentally shaped by our relationships with our customers. In essence, these pivots are a response to the market, shaping us into what they require us to be.

Finally, I am confident in anchoring Lei è's core mission to the pursuit of maximising our customers' expectations. Through budget or education, a.k.a what is possible.

To delve deeper into this rationale…

By diverging from conventional routes, to get to where we are now - we have avoided the limitations imposed by peculiar industry conventions. This has enabled us to adopt a holistic perspective, focusing on the question: "How can we achieve the optimal outcome for our customers?

This might sound like typical marketing-speak, however early on, it was actually more of a function of blissful ignorance. Let me explain… As our brand was not born from an extensive tenure in the jewelry industry, we had the privilege of approaching various subjects with a heightened sense of objectivity. Such as the relationship between diamonds, gemstones and their corresponding price dynamics.

An even more acute illustration of this designation of ‘undesirable’ gemstones and diamonds, based on industry controlled standards. While I do acknowledge the market's influence on demand, it is rather peculiar that our industry enforces a top-down approach that heavily relies on pricing structures to shape consumer preferences.

The statement often used to justify the continuation of these structures is, ‘oh that's just industry standard’.

Now, we are here to say, ‘Why’?

To clarify, we are not complaining… Rather, we acknowledge that this situation has opened up a world of incredible possibilities for our customers, often with considerable cost advantages. These underserved nooks and crannies of the industry are our playground.

Being principled in areas that were of no immediate relevance or value to our customers, limited the scope of opportunities we were able to bring forward.

Now, why the long run up in this article? Here’s what we’ve sourced…

We’ve recently come across an amazing batch of uniquely coloured lab-grown diamonds. This serves as yet another avenue for our customers to be able to embrace a visually distinct stone that is accessible in a cost-effective manner, whilst retaining a substantial size and you can enjoy all the remarkable qualities of a diamond through a lab-grown approach.

We cannot say it enough; that if you’re 100% set on a natural diamond, then of course we’d love to source that for you. However, if you remain open to alternate options, you’d be mad not to at least ‘have a quick look’ at the lab-grown options that are available for you within your budget. This is how we believe we can help maximize your expectations.

Now then, introducing this uniquely colored lab-grown green diamond. 1.12ct Oval Cut. Light to pale green, with a yellow zone through the centre.

Lei è - The Unique Engagement Rings. A non-traditional approach of creating and highlighting the individualistic characteristics for your engagement ring. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to read our article on the Natural vs Lab Grown debate. This will give you a great overview and perspective on the current state of lab-grown diamonds.

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